Bassinet Gemach: Beautiful baby bassinets available. Call 216-256-5801

לעלוי נשמת חיה בת מש

Maternity Coat Gemach: beautiful selection of brand new maternity coats. Please call 216-513-5165


The Cleveland Gemach

Here to help at no charge. Many goods and services available.

Free: furniture, baby furniture, children’s or ladies clothing, school uniforms, coats, new shoes (small fee), maternity clothes, headbands & socks, appliances, linens & towels, dishes, sheitels & hats, toys, baby formula.

Borrow: tables, coat rack, bentchers, recliners, hot plates, silk flowers & vases, maternity wedding gowns & more.

Services: Hang up shiva signs, job link, sukkahs, flowers, yoshon food for guests. Call (216) 321-9393 or (216) 321-9614. Leave message

30 White Cosco Chairs for Simchas; Tzedaka donation of $1/chair. Pickup is 3534 Berkeley in Clv Hts; to reserve: Greenberger 216-321-1131.

ּBris: Beautiful Bris pillow and outfit available. Call 216-931-6334
לעילוי נשמת זאב אריה בן יעקב שמואל

Experienced Ba’al Koray always avaliable at no charge to fill-in at your shul or in-home minyan – even on short notice. Yosi Schulgasser (216) 932-1351 or (216) 321 3399. If Shabbos or Yom Tov has begun, visit me at my home.

The Uniform Exchange: Girls uniforms for HAC & Derech HaTorah (fka Mosdos). Elementary only. To give or get call Yocheved call 440-710-4122 or leave uniforms in great condition @ 2444 Claver on front porch.

Wedding: Mazel Tov signs on sticks, water bottles for Kallah, need advanced notice. call 216-315-1752

Schtick Gemach: Preferable to call 1 week or more in advance to reserve. Call Talia: 216-640-1339

Simchas Chaim Gemach: Short-term loans for small scale simcha. Call 216-321-3119
T&C Apply. לעלוי נשמת חיים בן ישראל טאוב

Stroller Gemach: Borrow or Keep. To donate or receive call (216) 862-3735 or leave stroller in good, functioning condition on front porch at 2449 Laurelhurst Rd

Shetiels: Used sheitel you no longer need? Give it to the Sheitel Gemach! We accept used sheitels in good condition, in all lengths and colors. 216.392.7287 or 440.944.1943 for more info.

Gluten Free Challah: Homemade gluten-free oat challah. Call Zahava 216-321-0282 for rolls or the recipe.
לעלוי הרבנית רבקה חנה ע”ה חרל”פ בת הרב מרדכי דוב שליטא

Mezuza Gemach: Mezuzos loans free for up to one year. Call Adam/Rachel Covitch: 216-382-2743 or email

Tablecloths & accessories to enhance simchas. Tableclothes 216-381-7273 (14437 Cedar) Accessories 216-509-2282 (3621 Bendemeer). Call for hrs/appt
Chaya Brocha Simcha Gemach.

Table & Chair Gemach in University Heights. Fishbane (216) 297-9922

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