March 23, 2015 Classifieds

Classifieds March 23, 2015


Upsherins & more. Avraham Yeshaya Nakdimen: 718-772-4026

If most Shalom Bayis issues are over religious beliefs, shouldn’t you have a religious coach? Contact Rabbi Yosef Heinemann Call (216) 233-7654


SILVER REPAIR: Solder, Straighten, Clean & Polish Torah Ornaments, Candle Sticks, Kiddush Cups, Havdalah Sets, etc Ref available, Shomer Shabbos, Custom metal work & design
Mosha Call 216-209-0801

Get Noticed! As low as $11/ per issue. One year for $11 per issue, or each for $15-$18 per issue. Submit here. Display ads start at only $30 per issue.

FREE DELIVERY of Advertise Too! to your door. Just send us your address using this form.

Community Notices

Bi-weekly Carlebach minyan at various locations. Be in the know! Email to be added to the list. Hosting opp’s available.

For Rent

Reach out to the community. Let others know of your property for rent to quickly rent it out.

House For Sale

Take advantage of an attentive market. Post your house for sale in Advertise Too! We mail out over 1900 copies and newstand over 500.


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