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Upsherins & more… Avraham Yeshaya Nakdimen: 718-772-4026

SILVER & JEWELRY REPAIR Reference available, Shomer Shabbos. Handmade Custom Jewelry at www.susmanmetalarts.comMosha Call 216-209-0801


Shalom Bayis Sessions – You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your spouse and you owe it to your kids! Don’t delay call Rabbi Heinemann today 216-233-7654 or send email to yhmarriage using at gmail.com

Speech-Language Pathologist within community. Learn more: Preferred Speech

Graphic Design: We have an in-house graphic department! Many times our layout pricing is better than others when doing a full campaign, with beautiful, professional design. Learn more or request graphic design by contacting us.

FREE DELIVERY of Advertise Too! to your door. Just send us your address using this form.

Help Wanted

FREE! Send up to 150 characters: Submit here.

Community Notices

Shiur for Ladies: Rabbi Boruch Hirschfeld gives a 20 minute shiur for ladies on tefilos and inyonei diyoma, Tuesdays at 8:15pm at the Manies home 3618 Shannon. For more info plz call 216-321-3119.

Gemachs: new listings will be posted here for 1-2 issues; then info is online only. See listings: www.advertisetoo.com/gemach

Carlebach minyan EVERY WEEK AT GREEN ROAD SYNAGOGUE. Email carlebachcle@gmail.com to learn start times.

HIGHER LIMIT!! FREE CLASSIFIEDS!! Sell items under $501 (no pros), list homes for sale or rent by owner, list help wanted and job requests, post community notices, lost & found. Send up to 150 characters: Submit here. NO CALLS FOR THIS PROGRAM.

Lost and Found

LOST: Pair of black women’s gloves in Kantina on Thursday Feb 4. Please call 412-258-0995.

Lost and found notices are posted 100% FREE!! Send up to 160 characters about your lost and found item: Submit here.

Real Estate: For Sale

FREE house for sale by owner listing here. Send up to 150 characters: Submit here or fax to 888-744-5330.

For Sale

FOR SALE: Elliptical Sole E25, like new $500. Please call 216-321-3119 or send email (email address on page 11).

FOR SALE: case of Kedem Light Grape Juice. 8 bottles of 64oz each. $32 for the case OBO. MUST GO!! Call 410-262-7654.

FREE classified ad if it sells for up to $500 (NEW HIGHER LIMIT – no pros). Send up to 150 characters: Submit here or fax to 888-744-5330.

Selling professionally? Item more than $500? Run it till it sells for only $18 (up to 4 issues). Email each issue to renew the ad (free), after initial payment. Submit here or fax to 888-744-5330.

Real Estate: For Rent

Room for rent for RNC. Kosher home, dbl bed, internet access. Easy access to public transport and kosher restaurants. Join us for Shabbat. 216-691-0755

House for rent. University Heights, Silsby near Green. 3 Bedroom, 1.5 bath. Call 216-407-0425.

You can post your for rent by owner listing here free. Send up to 150 characters: Submit here or fax to 888-744-5330.

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