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“The key to successful local advertising is repetition. The key to successful local advertising is repetition. The key to successful local advertising is repetition.”


What Do You Know about Direct Mail Marketing?

98% bring in mail the day it’s delivered
79% of households read or scan direct mail
48% keep direct mail for reference

We Can Help With

Develop a Message That Works
Supercharge Your Ideas
Stand Out With Intelligent Design
Easy Implementation

Did You Know?

Successfully differentiating your business from the competition requires you to add unique value to your product or service.
Your brand should have a personality; one of the ways to establish it is through advertising!

The more you keep your product or service in front of your potential customers, the more people you will have thinking of you when it comes time to buy. This translates into more sales, which increases your revenue stream.

Running a sale or creating a loss-leader item can have great overflow effects for your business. By bringing people into your store for one item, you have an opportunity for the person to purchase more items while there.

Four Reasons to Advertise With Us

  • Engagement – People are about 5 times more likely to engage with print advertising when compared to online advertising (source).
  • Cost – Price per distributed copy is inexpensive and strategically sound, you can reach about 5000 people each month.
  • Remind People – Direct mail advertising is great way to remind customers that you exist and why they should choose your business over the competition.
  • Communicate – Quickly inform consumers of new sales or promotions, a great way to increase traffic.
  • Promote – Promote new products or services – don’t rely on word-of-mouth!

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